5 Strategies That Led to a 13% Conversion Rate: A Case Study

How Our Marketing Efforts Boosted Conversion and Revenue for a Small E-commerce Business and Scale Them to 7 Figures


This case study showcases how we helped a small HVAC business enhance its sales and customer base by developing and implementing effective marketing tactics. The client was struggling to generate sufficient revenue and expand its reach in the market. Our team worked closely with the client for six months to identify their target audience, devise a marketing strategy, and implement it to achieve a 10% increase in conversion rate.

Target Audience

Our initial step was to identify the client’s target audience. Based on market research and data analysis, we discovered that the ideal customer was a homeowner, aged 30-60, looking to purchase a new AC or boiler. These customers were primarily concerned about the energy efficiency, durability, and affordability of the products.

Marketing Strategy

We implemented a range of marketing tactics to capture the target audience’s attention and convert them into customers.

Some of the key tactics we employed were:

Google Ads: We created visually appealing and informative Google Ads targeting the identified audience, showcasing the benefits and unique features of the client’s ACs and boilers.

Email Marketing: We developed a series of email campaigns targeting subscribers who had previously shown interest in the client’s products. These campaigns included educational content on HVAC systems, highlighted the client’s unique selling points, and featured special offers and discounts to encourage purchases.

Customer Reviews: We encouraged existing customers to leave positive reviews on the client’s website and social media pages, boosting the client’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization: We optimized the client’s website for search engines, ensuring that their products were visible to customers actively searching for HVAC products.




Our marketing tactics led to a significant increase in the client’s conversion rate and sales. Here are some of the key results:

Google Ads: The client’s Google Ads generated over 500,000 impressions and 11,700 clicks to their website, resulting in a 10% increase in sales from this channel.

Email Marketing: The client’s email campaigns had an open rate of over 25% and generated over $40,000 in sales, contributing to a 5% increase in the conversion rate.

Customer Reviews: The positive reviews from existing customers contributed to a 3% increase in conversion rate.

Search Engine Optimization: The client’s website saw a 15% increase in organic traffic from search engines, leading to a 2% increase in conversion rate.


In conclusion, our marketing tactics helped the client to identify their target audience, attract them through various channels, and increase their conversion rate and revenue. By utilizing Google Ads, email marketing, customer reviews, and search engine optimization, we were able to achieve a 10% growth in conversion rate over the course of six months. Our efforts led to a significant increase in revenue for the client and helped them establish a loyal customer base in the HVAC market.

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